"Fragmented" by Todd Gray

"Fragmented" by Todd Gray

A 3-D FRAGMENTED FLAG BY ARTIST TODD GRAY REPRESENTS OUR COUNTRY IN MISSOURI CAPITAL GOVERNOR OFFICE BUILDING (JEFFERSON CITY, MO, July 28, 2020) —A creatively reimagined version of America’s flag by Los Angeles artist Todd Gray now hangs boldly in the Governor Office Building on Madison Street in the Missouri capital of Jefferson City.

Entitled “Fragmented,” the three-dimensional, four-layer deep (48”H X 80”W X 12”D) artwork comprising wooden boxes was commissioned by prominent Jefferson City business executive Richard Howerton, who owns the building and leases it to the Missouri Public Service Commission.

Legislators, Governor Mike Parson and staff members pass by the work daily as they enter the Governor Office Building and many stop to examine it carefully.

Gray is an acclaimed California pop artist who has used a flag theme frequently during his 35-year career. He assembled “Fragmented” recently in the lobby of the building.

“This is the first time I have actually deconstructed the entire flag for one work,” says Gray. “I’ve titled it ‘Fragmented’ because of the state of our country today. But, while we are divided on many issues, we are always united behind our flag. And, like our country, I feel the work is dynamic and that it has movement and energy. I think it reflects the price we pay for freedom in a pluralistic society.”

Howerton told the News Tribune in Jefferson City he picked the work because “I just love flags, and this is a unique flag by a unique artist. I’m patriotic and I get a lump in my throat just thinking about America.”

Gray is widely known for his mural “Flabbergast,” painted two years ago on corrugated metal siding at 2 World Trade Center, site of the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City. Gray’s bright colors, shapes and iconic comic images were all included in the vibrant mural, which he created to help lift the spirits of those who work in the downtown business district. The feedback Gray got from passersby while painting there for over a month confirmed it did the job.

Fans of pop art frequently visit Gray’s website and online shop to see artwork and merchandise he has created, ranging from backpacks and leggings, to furniture.

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