Welcome to the first Todd Gray NFTs! The ORIGINS Series is a collection of works from the early stages of Todd's fine art career spanning from the late 80's to the mid 90's. This collection of NFTs all represent a unique stamp in time in Todd's career as a fine artist. 

All NFTs will be available to purchase on January 21st.

'Circle Dance'

Style: Digital Animated 3D Model
Edition: of 1
File Type: .glb

‘Circle Dance’ was originally painted in the mid-nineties while I was living in Hawaii. Originally, it was painted on board and the circles more or less danced, giving it a trippy kind of illusionistic (and three dimensional) appearance, while at the same time, being a flat piece of work. I then cut around all of the circles to give it a sculptural appearance. I know this might be hard to understand in this verbal description, because now, the circles literally dance in the digital realm and are entirely three dimensional. I have had a fascination with geometric circles since the very early days of my career and this piece was (at the time) my most sophisticated use of them. The original piece ‘circle dance’ seems like it was pre- destined for this NFT all along. The digital realm has quite literally helped it to achieve its original intent.


'Instant Karma'

Style: Animated Video
Edition: of 15
File Type: .mp4
dimensions: 1920 x 1676
duration: 00:00:08

‘Instant Karma’ is a painting I created in Hawaii in 1995. It is a very good example of my continued explorations of creating light with color. It is a visually dynamic and trippy image, while still maintaining a certain sense of balance and spirituality. For example, the whites that were painted inside the circles were my first venture into something so subtle. At the time, I remember this being very challenging due to my current level of artistic abilities. I incorporated many subtleties in the grays. I particularly like the lines that emerge from the back of the yellow pyramid. A hint to rays of energy. The pyramid, being bright yellow, floats in stark opposition to the rest of the piece but seems to work. I gave this painting to a very dear friend of mine. I look at it after all these years and still think it is pretty good. I have never made anything like ‘Instant Karma’ ever again, until now.


'Al's Trip'

Style: Digital 3d Model
edition: of 15
File type: .glb

‘Al’s Trip’ is one of my first classic artworks in a series called “Three Dimensional Paintings.” I began this body of work when I was living in Hawaii in the mid nineties. I lived in the rainforest in the mountains above Honolulu and my art studio was located in Kakaako, Hawaii. The original, hand painted artwork was three dimensional with multiple layers of individually cut boards. The common elements used throughout this series were balance, both in design and color, as well as the pyramid, giving it a somewhat spiritual vibe. In many of the works from this particular series, I incorporated a type of zoom perspective. From my standpoint, this was a perspective that was close to being accurate, but actually was not. At this time in my artistic career, I was always interested in visually appealing and trippy imagery. ‘Al’s Trip’ was my way of creating that style in a more or less sophisticated way, while being a wall sculpture at the same time.



Style: Static 2D image
edition: of 25
file type: .jpg
Dimensions: 4000 x 4000 px

‘Paradox’ was a design which evolved over time. Since 1986, I had been painting these round orb shapes and I was very interested in the way I could create light with color. This interest in light probably came from my fascination with psychedelia as well as studying the light work of Carravaggio, Vasarely and Agam (in particular) and has been a consistent theme in my work from the very beginning. This particular piece was a study with bright colors interrelated against cool colors. It was also a very balanced square design. I think that the way the cool colors in the background go from light to dark in the center gives the piece an interesting focal point and sense of balance. I have since done many different iterations of this design with these ideas in mind but none more effective than this.



Edition: of 25
File type: .png
Dimensions: 2737 x 2764 px

‘Galaxy’ was originally a hand painted artwork I created in the year 1989. It is a rather classic example of the three dimensional works I was developing at the time. A continuous theme throughout ‘Origins’ is balance in both color and design, which was a key factor in executing this piece. Another element that was important to me at the time was creating a sense of movement, energy and three dimensionality on a two dimensional surface. It was the first piece I made that I called my “Sculpture Paintings.” The original collector purchased their new home with the hanging of this piece in mind.