Face Mask 'LOVE WINS!' Structured/Fitted

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Structured (fitted) Mask 

Pattern: ‘LOVE WINS!’ Pop Art by Todd Gray

We have designed a very limited run of face masks for the new year!

Our masks are handmade in Los Angeles, California. Each of our structured masks feature a portion of the ‘LOVE WINS!’ artwork by Todd Gray with a splash of color on the other side. They have adjustable ear straps to fit any face comfortably. Our mask materials are very soft and easy to wear for long periods of time. 

No two masks are alike! Each of our structured masks are designed to be one of a kind. Please keep in mind that with each mask having its own fun flare, the mask featured in the listing may differ from the product/color received.

Please see the image listings for proper item number(s).

Stock is very limited!!!


Materials: Organic Cotton (outside fabric) / cotton interfacing (inside fabric)

Features: Comfortable wear, super soft, adjustable ear straps, washable, reusable

Structured Mask Sizes (see chart below):   Men's / Women's / Kids


Size Chart for structured masks:

These masks can fit many face types and sizes. Please refer to the size chart below for the differences in our listings. In some cases, women have fit both the mens and the kids' sizes, being that some of our masks differ by only half an inch. 

 It all depends on your level of comfort! 

Men’s: approx. 7.25” - 7.5” W x 5” H 

Women’s: approx. 7.25” - 7.5” W x 4.5” H 

Kids: 7” W x 4” H 

Being that they are handmade, the approximations have been notated. The sizes will not vary by much. If you experience any sizing issues, please reach out to us immediately so that we can resolve your issue in a timely fashion.